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Bharat Starch is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of spray starch. We provide a diverse range of spray starch products to our clients, including high-performance, low-viscosity, and water-dispersible spray starch products. Our products are used in a variety of industries across the world to improve product performance. We operate an extensive manufacturing facility that can produce a wide range of spray starch products to meet the specific needs of our clients. We guarantee fast delivery and hassle-free transactions with our customers.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, we would like to introduce ourselves as one of India's largest starch modifier suppliers, serving primarily the paper industry. Our R&D is continually engaged to customise the spray starch manufacturer based on customer needs as well as develop new products to enhance quality and add value to the end customer. We offer our customers a wide range of spray starch products that are used in the paper & textile industries.

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We Manufacture “SPRAY STARCH” iIs Derived From High Quality Maize Starch. It Is Widely Used In Paper Manufacturing.


  • It Is Used In Craft Paper Manufacturing.
  • Reduces the amount of delamination of the board's ply.
  • Improves the board's spring back tendency.
  • Spraying modified tapioca or maize starch into the wet end increases the strength of the ply bond in boards.
  • While the web is forming, it is applied to the paper machine wire through the spray bars.
  • Due to the low gel temperature, it gets gelatinized easily. Used to improve Z-directional strength or reduce delamination tendency between plys.

Advantages of our Spray Starch

  • The product is ready for use.
  • Enhances the efficiency and productivity of the paper machine.
  • Enhances the board's spring back tendency
  • Low gel temperatures easily gelatinize

In addition, Bharat Starch supplies a range of products such as oxidised starches, modified starches, cationic starches, spray starches, white and yellow dextrin, pasting and corrugation gum, paper tube gum and paper cone gum. Bharat Starch offers world-class quality and assurance of product performance to its clients.

Technical Specification for Spray Starch

1. Starch Base Maize/Tapioca Starch Powders
2. Physical state Free Fine White Powder
3. pH 10% w/v Dispersion 05.00-07.00
4. Moisture (% by weight ±2%) 12% Max.
5. Ash (% by weight) 0.5% Max.
6. Fineness (100 mesh) 95% Min
7. Viscosity by Brookfield. 5% sol. At 85° C, 20 rpm Spindle 02 Cps1500 min


  • As a standard, it is available in 50 Kg. HDPE bags with inner liner.
  • However, special packing (like Jumbo bags/Paper bags/25 Kg bags) can be arranged as required.

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